Frequently asked questions

Q. Where can you land?

HCEA operates the Robinson 44 helicopter, capable of landing in small areas.  It can land at most private locations.  We request permission from the owner (if the property does not belong to you) and also comply with local regulations for operating in wildlife protected ares or Government restricted locations.  Weight considerations apply for very confined spaces.

Q. How much can you carry?

The Robinson 44 Raven II can accommodate three passengers with under-seat storage for small, soft sided bags.  We can carry up to three passengers or a maximum of 250 kg.  Please note that there may be weight restrictions due to confined location, altitude, or weather considerations.


Q. What if I have more than three passengers?

HCEA can offer you two R-44's for your group!  Our prices are so competitive that even hiring two helicopters from us is often more affordable than hiring a 6-seat larger helicopter.  It is a very special experience to be able to travel with another chopper and the photo opportunities are excellent. If we cannot accommodate your group size we can refer you to operators who can.