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Robinson's winning Recipe

Value & Price

Whether the R22 (2-seater), the R44 (4-seater) or the turbine R66 (5-seater), Robinson Helicopters are internationally recognized for their outstanding performance and persistent safety record combined with the highest cost efficiency in their class. It is precisely this winning combination of value and price that has widely contributed to the extensive popularity of the ingenuously designed aircrafts.

Popularity: Join the growing ranks of Robinson Helicopter owners.

Robinson Helicopters are not known as the most popular civilian helicopter in the world for nothing! Enjoy personalized support from Robinson, and the local support support of HCEA for your personal helicopter needs.  We can offer a demo ride or test flight for a small cost.  Let us show you what the R-44 can do for you!

Servicing and Maintenance, Simplified

Robinson Helicopters are ubiquitous with safety and popularity and are one of the easiest light helicopters to maintain. Our Robinson factory trained staff are able to perform all routine maintenance and will keep your chopper in top form.  The Robinson 44 Raven II helicopters that we employ are powered by a 540 cubic inch Lycoming piston engine, the same reliable power plant that many small aircraft have been using and improving for nearly 50 years.